you're invited to ...

do the damn thing.

stop talking about the things you want to do and start doing them. 

brought to you by Run The World and Kitchen Table App

next session starts Wednesday, April 24!

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let me guess, you either:

1. are already doing great things in the world but know you are capable of so much more than what you're making already


2. have ideas to bring something great into the world but haven't made them happen yet.

What's holding you back? If you're anything like us, you've got ideas scribbled in the margins of your notebook of podcasts to make, zines to produce, events to throw, fundraiser ideas for your fave non-profit ... the list goes on. But more often than not, the idea lives in the dream stage and doesn't become a reality. You get ... stuck. Uninspired. Imposter Syndrome sneaks in and you start to question if you're capable of doing the thing. 

Or maybe you have a 9-to-5 and those disjointed minutes here and there on your lunch break or before you head to work make it hard to produce something tangible. Or you're a freelancer who works alone in your house and gets sucked into the Facebook-Instagram-Buzzfeed loop instead of carving out the time to work on your projects.

We know. We've been there. This whole bringing-your-ideas-to-life thing is hard. But we've learned the secret -- it's much more efficient (and fun) to be in it together. To share your dreams and ideas and be met with people who not only cheer you on, but have the resources to help you make it a reality. That's why Do The Damn Thing was born.


what is this thing?

do the damn thing is a is a 6-week accountability group hosted by run the world for feminist creatives to work on 3 goals (personal, political and business) and get real-time feedback from a strong, ambitious and supportive community.

Whether you're a freelancer, business owner, or side hustler, we'd bet you'd benefit from some good old fashioned accountability and feedback. We provide the space for you to stop working in a silo and meet other creatives who are actively working towards their dreams.

at past run the world events, creatives have :

  • Outlined the schedule for an upcoming retreat she was putting on for the first time

  • Wrote and performed a stand up comedy routine that she was putting off for 11 months

  • Designed the layout of a photography book documenting her South American travels

  • Created a flow chart and guide for how a group of women can out their sexual abuser online

  • And more!

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nice words

Absolutely brilliant, filled with lovely people, giggles and deep talks. Definitely got a ROI from this in the things I accomplished over the weekend, the people I met and the goals I set going forward. Please Ashley, organize another one so I can come again :)
— Belinda, technical fashion designer
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I’m a freelancer who works mostly alone from home. I’m also a procrastinator. Run The World surrounded me with other inspiring bad ass ladies who have been putting off their own projects and kicked me in the ass to get moving. I got more done than I have in a while and these ladies are on my speed dial for follow up and support as I continue to perfect my project!
— hana, freelancer
This was my first RTW event and I am so excited by the amazing community of women Ashley has collected. I brought in three potential business names to workshop before a big rebrand and everyone had great feedback and suggestions that really opened my mind. Not to mention the wine, snacks, great company, amazing space, and new friends! Overall 6/5 stars!
— grace, blogger

what are the details?



We’re honored to call The Hub the official home of Do The Damn Thing.

The Hub is a membership community and co-working space located in the Arts District for impact-focused entrepreneurs, civic leaders, non-profit leaders, consultants and artists all working to address the most critical issues facing our city.

+ There’s street parking, and we’ll send you the ins and outs on the best parking in the area.
+ 13 - 15 minute walk from Gold Line stop


$249 for the entire 6-week series. Your investment includes:

+ (5) 3-hour goal setting and accountability sessions

+ (1) Bonus workshop / session at the end of the series beofre the dinner (this changes each time depending on what the group needs! it could be social media support, headshots, etc.)

+ Celebratory dinner and drinks hosted by the amazing people at Kitchen Table App!

+ Lifetime access to course materials

+ Access to Feedback and Support via email in between in-person sessions

We have limited scholarship tickets available. Please email hello@run-the-world.co to learn more! 

date + time commitment

Do The Damn Thing is a 6-week series, happening for three hours each session, either in-person or virtually depending on which one you sign up for.


In Week 1, we'll get to know each other and understand how we can best support each other through this process. You don't need to come to the first meeting with the goals you want to accomplish totally figured out. We'll narrow down all the ideas in our head and commit to the personal, political and business goals we want to tackle in the month ahead.

In Weeks 2 - 5, we'll come together and get an update on where everyone is at. You'll have the floor for 15-20 minutes to talk about your progress, where you're stuck, and where you need support. 

In Week 6, we’ll have our celebratory dinner hosted by Kitchen Table!


who’s running this thing?


Run The World was created after the #metoo movement went viral. My friends and I were deeply entrenched in talking about the hard stuff -- the harassment we encounter on an almost daily basis, the struggles of being a women in the workforce, being second guessed when we shared our stories ... the list goes on.

I wanted to create a space where we gave ourselves the permission to still talk about those things, and encourage eachother to continue to put our dreams, ideas and projects into the world.

Powerful things happen when we support each other's ideas and lift each other up. Call Your Girlfriend calls it the Shine Theory -- if I shine, you shine -- and I couldn't agree more.

When we come together and support each other, magic happens. I hope you can join us.

Learn more about me and my work here.


thank you to our partners at Kitchen table app!

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Do The Damn Thing would not be possible without our friends at Kitchen Table App.

In a time when it’s possible to have virtually anything delivered or defrosted, Kitchen Table App gives users a way to share meals and workshops and networking circles with friends, neighbors and newcomers whenever they choose. No matter what’s on the menu, getting together gives people the chance to laugh, share stories, engage, make personal connections--all made possible with technology. Browse all meals on the app and book seats at your favorites. Sharing in this way has the potential to reshape communities on the local level.


+ Is there an age requirement?

Attendees must be 21+.

+ Is this right for me?

Great question. If you are ready to start working on your ideas instead of just talking about them, this series is for you. This is not for people who aren't ready and willing to do the damn thing.

+ Do I have to go to every session?

You have to make it IRL to at least 4 of the sessions in-person. You can Skype in or skip a maximum of one.

+ what's your refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferrable. If you can't make it, find a friend!

+ Will there be food?

We will have light snacks, but if you need extra food, come fed!

+ Is this event ADA accessible?

We're working on ensuring the event space is accesible. If you have specific needs, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate.


frequently asked questions


Call me, beep me, etc.


(805) 419-3754